Toronto Wedding Photography | Marriott Rogers Centre Wedding | Tammy & Mike

Toronto Rogers Centre Wedding.jpg

Revisiting Tammy & Mike's beautiful wedding brings back some great memories. It must have been the absolute hottest day of the year. You couldn't tell by looking at Tammy & Mike though, they were cool as cucumbers and were soaked in bliss. They had a lovely outdoor ceremony located right in front of the Rogers Centre (it'll always be the SkyDome to me though) in the heart of downtown Toronto. Immediately after their ceremony, we whipped around the stadium to do some creative portraits. The Toronto Blue Jays had just finished defeating the Tampa Bay Rays and the crowds were pouring out. 

We politely approached the fine staff there and asked if we could get access to take some photos inside the stadium and they happily agreed! This was beyond awesome as Tammy & Mike were huge Blue Jays fans (myself included!!). So after going into a private box and get some fun shots with their wedding party, they made sure to take a moment and soak in the experience.

Afterwards we headed to Yonge & Dundas for a portrait at the scramble crosswalk and then headed off to Jazz Bistro around the corner for a lovely reception and to dance the night away!

It was an amazing day filled with amazing experiences!

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Toronto Downtown Wedding.jpg

Toronto Engagement Photography | Jane + AJ | Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands Engagement Photography.jpg


Well....this hasn't been the greatest summer for the Toronto Islands. High water levels pushed the opening of the islands waaay back. And while it was unfortunate this year, it has been one of my favourite spots to photograph in the past.

While thinking about the islands, I was reminded of the breath-taking late day engagement session I had with Jane & AJ. This was a warm early May evening where the islands hadn't quite kicked off for the summer season. We almost had the entire island to our self. It was peaceful, warm, and intimate. The perfect ingredients for a wonderful engagement session.

Oakville Harbour Wedding Photography | Jennifer + James

There is are few things that are better than a wedding that turns into a party. When I say party...I mean a PARTY. Jennifer + James was definitely one for the books.

I've actually known Jennifer for a good number of years (more than I'd like to admit as I can't believe that much time has passed), and have also got to know James when the first got together. These two are a fun, energetic pair who just compliment each other perfectly.

When you pair that with Macedonian & Italian families, and wild wedding party - awesomeness ensues. By the end of the night the dress shirts were gone, the Rafael Nadal bandanas were in effect, and the hoisting had begun. 

It was truly the definition of celebration.

Toronto Engagement Photography | Dual Seasons | Peter + Cristina


One of the biggest challenges I see most couples face about engagement photography is the “when” and “where” portion. They spend so much time and energy on planning their wedding day that sometimes they forget about having to plan for it.

My suggestion is to go for contrast compared to your wedding photos. Generally both Wedding and engagement end up being used in homes as wall prints. If both photos are at the same time of year, around the same location, they have a tendency to blend in and don’t really stand out.

However, if both sessions are vastly different, the images stand out more. Spring wedding? How about a session in the fall or winter to change the colours. Wedding shoot scheduled to be in a park? Make the engagement sessions more urban.

Often when a couple books a wedding photography package with me, and engagement session is included. However there are times when I do standalone engagement sessions for various reasons.

With Peter and Cristina, I did not photograph their wedding because I was actually in their wedding party (they’re both close friends of mine). However they did approach me about shooting an engagement session. Their wedding was in the fall, so I told them my suggestion, and they went full in. In fact, we ended up going with two mini-sessions. One in the winter at a park in Etobicoke, and the other in the summer downtown in Toronto’s famous Graffiti Alley.

Couple those images together with their lovely images from their fall wedding, and the pieces on their wall now tell a story.


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