Toronto Engagement Photography | Jane + AJ | Toronto Islands

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Well....this hasn't been the greatest summer for the Toronto Islands. High water levels pushed the opening of the islands waaay back. And while it was unfortunate this year, it has been one of my favourite spots to photograph in the past.

While thinking about the islands, I was reminded of the breath-taking late day engagement session I had with Jane & AJ. This was a warm early May evening where the islands hadn't quite kicked off for the summer season. We almost had the entire island to our self. It was peaceful, warm, and intimate. The perfect ingredients for a wonderful engagement session.

Toronto Engagement Photography | Toronto Islands | First Look - Jane + AJ


I think that it's finally safe to say that spring is finally here! 

Springtime in Toronto is a great time of year! One of the great little activities to do in the city is to visit the Toronto Islands. This past weekend Jane + AJ decided to have their engagement session at Centreville. With fantastic weather, and a beautiful sunset, it was a great session!

Here's a few sneak peeks!

Toronto Engagement Photography | Dual Seasons | Peter + Cristina


One of the biggest challenges I see most couples face about engagement photography is the “when” and “where” portion. They spend so much time and energy on planning their wedding day that sometimes they forget about having to plan for it.

My suggestion is to go for contrast compared to your wedding photos. Generally both Wedding and engagement end up being used in homes as wall prints. If both photos are at the same time of year, around the same location, they have a tendency to blend in and don’t really stand out.

However, if both sessions are vastly different, the images stand out more. Spring wedding? How about a session in the fall or winter to change the colours. Wedding shoot scheduled to be in a park? Make the engagement sessions more urban.

Often when a couple books a wedding photography package with me, and engagement session is included. However there are times when I do standalone engagement sessions for various reasons.

With Peter and Cristina, I did not photograph their wedding because I was actually in their wedding party (they’re both close friends of mine). However they did approach me about shooting an engagement session. Their wedding was in the fall, so I told them my suggestion, and they went full in. In fact, we ended up going with two mini-sessions. One in the winter at a park in Etobicoke, and the other in the summer downtown in Toronto’s famous Graffiti Alley.

Couple those images together with their lovely images from their fall wedding, and the pieces on their wall now tell a story.


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Toronto Wedding Photography | Joanne + Peter | Toronto Maple Leafs Engagement

Toronto Wedding Photography | Peter + Joanne | Engagement

Hockey season begins tonight, and like most people from Toronto, I'm a Maple Leafs fan (although at the end of every season, I tend to ask myself why). I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to feature Joanne + Peter's Maple Leaf-themed engagement session from earlier this year.
Joanne + Peter are good friends of mine, and when they first got engaged they mentioned that they both wanted to do something fun that really showed who they are. So when they told me they rented some ice and wanted to do photos in their jerseys, I was thrilled. 

As a special bonus, once we headed out of the rink, we happened across a local carnival just around the corner. A quick ride on the scrambler, some whack-a-mole, and cotton candy made for the perfect ending to a fantastic day.

Joanne+Peter's big wedding day is happening next week and I just want to wish them an early congrats and I'm looking forward to having a great time!