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Toronto Wedding Photography | Marriott Rogers Centre Wedding | Tammy & Mike

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Revisiting Tammy & Mike's beautiful wedding brings back some great memories. It must have been the absolute hottest day of the year. You couldn't tell by looking at Tammy & Mike though, they were cool as cucumbers and were soaked in bliss. They had a lovely outdoor ceremony located right in front of the Rogers Centre (it'll always be the SkyDome to me though) in the heart of downtown Toronto. Immediately after their ceremony, we whipped around the stadium to do some creative portraits. The Toronto Blue Jays had just finished defeating the Tampa Bay Rays and the crowds were pouring out. 

We politely approached the fine staff there and asked if we could get access to take some photos inside the stadium and they happily agreed! This was beyond awesome as Tammy & Mike were huge Blue Jays fans (myself included!!). So after going into a private box and get some fun shots with their wedding party, they made sure to take a moment and soak in the experience.

Afterwards we headed to Yonge & Dundas for a portrait at the scramble crosswalk and then headed off to Jazz Bistro around the corner for a lovely reception and to dance the night away!

It was an amazing day filled with amazing experiences!

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Toronto Wedding Photography | Edwards Gardens | Ndija + Matt


A wedding day is definitely a day filled with many emotions: excitement, joy, love, stress, anxiety, and even some sadness of those who are no long with you to celebrate your day. It truly is a rollercoaster, but at the end of the day, happiness prevails. 

With Ndija + Matt's wedding, I truly believe I was at one of the happiest weddings I've ever been to. I don't believe there was a moment in the entire day where Matthew wasn't grinning from ear to ear. Ndija was simply glowing and an absolute stunner. Throughout our time at Edwards Gardens (Toronto Botanical Gardens now, but it'll always be Edwards Gardens to me!) they were laughing, smiling, and having an fun with the whole experience.

At the reception, man what a scene!! I'm usually the type who bounces along to the music, nodding my head and singing along. But with the 90's throwback setlist of some old school hip-hop, I was seriously grooving! 

One of my personal highlights of the days was during the ceremony. One of my favourite photos to get is immediately after the bride is revealed during the processional, I quickly turn back at the groom to get is reaction of seeing his bride. Sure enough.. there was Matt, with that huge grin and he said out loud: "Aw!"

  • Ceremony - St. Paul's Cathedral
  • Creatives - Edwards Gardens (Toronto Botanical Gardens)
  • Reception - St. Clements of Ohrid