Hi There!

My name is Matthew (Matt is just fine really) and I’m a wedding, event, and portrait photographer based out of Pickering, ON. While I made the transition to wedding & event photography in 2010, I’ve been shooting for over 10 years. My favourite aspect of photography is that it is the perfect marriage between technicality and artistry.

As fantastic it is to see a great smile in a photo, there’s nothing better than seeing the smile one gets when looking at that photo.

When I’m not shooting, I love to spend time with my wife, dogs, family and friends. I’m a full-on geek at heart with a soft spot for Music, Movies, and TV

Passions: The Beatles • Citizen Kane • Radiohead • • Ghostbusters • Seinfeld • The XX • Hitchcock • Motown • Kubrick • Arcade Fire • Inception • Beastie Boys •  New York • The Clash • Arrested Development • Miles Davis •  London • Portishead • Kurosawa • Vampire Weekend • Wilder • Paris  LCD Soundsystem • Godfather • The Third Man • Double Indemnity •